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Bone Meal Powder - 500 g 29 reviews


Bone meal is a organic source of nutrients for gardening. This rich source of phosphorous and calcium is best for fruit and flower development on your plant.


G5 (Patented Bio-organic Granules, 500 g) (Set of 2)


Keep the pouch in the dry area Do not keep the pouch open for a long time The pouch should be tightly closed and stored in dry space after use Keep out of reach of children


Light Weight Clay Aggregates For Plants - 1 kg


Light Exclusive Clay Aggregate (LECA) ideal for supporting seedlings and also quite aesthetic for potted plants. which is also known with other names in global market like Expanded Clay Aggregate, Ceramsite, Leca, clay aggregate Hydroton, Hydrocorn etc.


Neem Raksha (Pure Neem Oil for Insect, Pest Control) - 100 ml


Neem Raksha is a pure neem oil that can be used for the treatment and control of different insect pests.


Sterameal - 1 kg


Sterameal is complete organic manure of animal origin. Use it for all types of plants at any stage of growth.

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